Kolabo Entertainment has been one of the most elite and professional DJ vendors in the Central Coast since 2001. Kolabo DJ's have been resident DJ's for several club venues in the Monterey Peninsula including: Blue Fin Cafe and Billiards, Planet Gemini, The Mucky Duck, and others. We have the most talented and experience DJs that will definitely exceed your expectations to make your event that much more memorable. No matter what type of genre of music you would like to be played and no matter how diverse the crowd may be, Kolabo Entertainment DJ's are very knowledgeable on how to keep the party going and keep the crowd filled with energy throughout the entire event.

We like to work first hand with all of our clients and stay organized and in full communication during your event planning stage. From the time of hiring all the way up to the event date, we remain in full correspondence with the clients to make sure all the specific songs and playlists are in place as well as coordinating the itinerary of the event. With the experience, skills, and a high level of professionalism we aim to make sure that your event will be as less stressful and filled with fun memories that your family and friends will remember forever.

Kolabo Entertainment will be able to provide top quality sound and lighting, as well as skilled DJs with an extensive passion for music and entertaining.

Our DJ's mix and transition music according to your genre of preference all night long. Our Master of Ceremonies, Moses Olis, provides the perfect voice for all announcement and the perfect energy to create the vibe and enviornment to keep the party energized and make every have the night that they will always remember."